Get into my life

Check out this cool product design website I found, I think they post stuff that looks good but has a purpose that would go along with it.. I’m definitely going to have to pull out my wallet for this one. Get Into My Life

Welcome Back Designite!

Designite ~ matches for the mind has returned!

Welcome to those new to this design blog, and a big hearty hug to those returning to the site!

I honestly have to give credit to reubenmiller over at typepad for the inspiration to go back to the keyboard, I do miss the great big world of design.

The purpose of this site is to give inspiration not only to you, but to myself – a freetime designer.

I’ve been doing some planning, and there will be a few new projects on the horizon, which of course I will let you know about. My writing feels clunky, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. So bear with me as I gather myself together, and enjoy the new content.

much love.
Joey (Joe) xx

Gardens and Design – enclosed by walls of green

God, there are one or two things that I simply hate in life. One of them is Gardening and the other is the feeling of something under your fingernails.

Somehow, My lovely mother managed to recruit me into turning her yards wasteland of dead plants, and weeds into something resembling a garden.

In between mumbling profanities, and planting frangipannies I managed to actually see how people enjoy gardening.

Though I prefer paper and pen, some would forgo this indoor pursuit for caloused hands, a sweaty brow and a nice row of tulips.

It might be dirty, and somewhat restricted to the over 40’s age group,
but its really just a different form of art.

while I pick the dirt out from under my fingers with a breadtag (1) (2) have a look at some Vertical gardens.










And before I start thinking about posting pictures of gnomes have a look at


Apparently europeans have been into this a while now
check out there streamgarden – under products.
officially added to the wantlist.


Wordle Typography – A picture paints a thousand words

Or at least a coupla hundred!

Wordle was created by a mr.JonathanFeinberg. a Master of Java. (IBM RESEARCH)
In short wordle scans a site or text, provided by you for keywords and metadata.
and then using the words creates a giant colorful word cloud.

example I wrote a quick… well maybe not so quick description of myself, and…


Fun huh!??!


Ps. I’m a little in love with the font expressway free right now. I’m off to find the filezzzz. =)


Design & Development

I have had a lot of time not having a job as of late, and one of the best things about it has been that I have had my hands surgically attached to my mouse and keyboard. (they are wireless, but still manage to hinder making tea, and greeting people)

Now, I know I haven’t spent time writing to you my beloved, instead I have been catching up on a lot of design and development that I had a giant pile of in my to do (later) box, and never actually got around to.

10+ logos, and a couple of websites later. I had a look at my work and decided that it was


for those of you that can’t interpret my cave mindspeak
“I really think my designs are good. but they all look the same.”

Something that I find as a free time designer, is that unless I am continuously learning new design techniques and looking at other peoples designs, my own quickly get boring and predictable.

a designer I once worked with often spent extra time on projects coming at them from a completely different angle.
so instead of creating something with his style he would try to put someone elses style on the peice.

Not encouraging copycatting of course, but this is a great idea to start developing your own style.
its time to evolve! something I would encourage is spend time looking at other peoples portfolios.
and sit down and do a few tutorials. you’d be surprised, you might actually learn something! – some advanced Text effects

six revisions
psd tuts+ Some nice advanced tutorials available.


also here are some designers/designers you might or might not like.

alvin chan




Christopher Allen


Studio David Hillman

Studio David Hillman

Draught Associates
draught associates

James Warfeild


Luciano Marx




Micah Lidberg








Studio 1500

Studio Round



Suck UK – Novelty has migrated to the internet offers a surprisingly large range of stuff you want, but most likely don’t need.
You remember the days of novelty stores? selling gags, and junk for your house?
Well Suck.UK does it with a lot more style, (and quality)

Some of my Favorites are..

The Door “STOP”


The London Tube Mirror

tube map mirror


Carve your own Postcard

carve scratch key postcard


Solar Powered Clocks
solar clock portraitsolar clock landscape
Picture Book Frames.

picturebook frame insert picturebook book frame

Everlasting Calender Tape

calendar tape
calendar tape

Give them a visit

Coffee and Oranges

Okay, so I’m having a really rough day, and am a little busy fighting for my Job, So instead of what I was going to write enjoy this.

for all the budding photographers here is a really cool way to develop your film….

Coffee & Oranges

make sure to check out the caffenol flickr group at the bottom of this page.