Gardens and Design – enclosed by walls of green

God, there are one or two things that I simply hate in life. One of them is Gardening and the other is the feeling of something under your fingernails.

Somehow, My lovely mother managed to recruit me into turning her yards wasteland of dead plants, and weeds into something resembling a garden.

In between mumbling profanities, and planting frangipannies I managed to actually see how people enjoy gardening.

Though I prefer paper and pen, some would forgo this indoor pursuit for caloused hands, a sweaty brow and a nice row of tulips.

It might be dirty, and somewhat restricted to the over 40’s age group,
but its really just a different form of art.

while I pick the dirt out from under my fingers with a breadtag (1) (2) have a look at some Vertical gardens.










And before I start thinking about posting pictures of gnomes have a look at


Apparently europeans have been into this a while now
check out there streamgarden – under products.
officially added to the wantlist.



One response to “Gardens and Design – enclosed by walls of green

  1. Love the vertical gardens! They’re so beautiful, they clean the air, they encourage wildlife, and numerous studies say viewing greenery and nature is good for people, too.
    Your comments on gardening make me laugh. I can relate. I’ve always loved the concept of gardening, but not so much the actual activity!

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