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Coffee and Oranges

Okay, so I’m having a really rough day, and am a little busy fighting for my Job, So instead of what I was going to write enjoy this.

for all the budding photographers here is a really cool way to develop your film….

Coffee & Oranges

make sure to check out the caffenol flickr group at the bottom of this page.


Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket.

I have recently made some new friends, who for the sake of anonimity will be called D + K,
It has been a little while since I have been able to talk about literature, life, and culture with
such young, fresh perspectives.

about a week ago D,K, and I went and knocked back a couple, and talked
on the grass. (**okay.. rephrase “sat” on the grass!) after asking K if she was a collector, (I have a large collection of novelty ashtrays, Lampshades, and Stones.) I was impressed to hear what it was exactly that she collected.


She explained to me that she collected “found things” which is much better put than “lost things”
Shopping lists, dolls, anything that had a story.

K called her items “a glimpse into someone else’s life, however small”

Which confirms that really we artists are all voyeurs.  : )

I really wanted to apply this idea,
sometimes instead of a person trying to represent themselves,
a simple item can afford a far better description of that person.

Here is a website by Photographer Nicholas Venaglia.
His photos are by no means professional, but instead candid, un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive.

perhaps some of his photos will lend you a little insight.