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Suck UK – Novelty has migrated to the internet offers a surprisingly large range of stuff you want, but most likely don’t need.
You remember the days of novelty stores? selling gags, and junk for your house?
Well Suck.UK does it with a lot more style, (and quality)

Some of my Favorites are..

The Door “STOP”


The London Tube Mirror

tube map mirror


Carve your own Postcard

carve scratch key postcard


Solar Powered Clocks
solar clock portraitsolar clock landscape
Picture Book Frames.

picturebook frame insert picturebook book frame

Everlasting Calender Tape

calendar tape
calendar tape

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Coffee and Oranges

Okay, so I’m having a really rough day, and am a little busy fighting for my Job, So instead of what I was going to write enjoy this.

for all the budding photographers here is a really cool way to develop your film….

Coffee & Oranges

make sure to check out the caffenol flickr group at the bottom of this page.